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President, Edouard Cointreau, 

Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

Greeks are numerous in Australia.  This book honors them and will make them proud.  Thank you."

Insider Magazine Athens

Our whole office has fallen in love with your gorgeous recipe book - Hellenic Kanella - which is so much more than just a recipe book!

We would therefore like to propose a Summer Romance with you!

Food Editor, Alice Zaslavsky
The Weekly Review

Ruth, I love your book! It’s so visually striking, and the dishes look delectable. I particularly love the pages where you get more technical with Greek cooking, herbs and spices. That’s right up my alley!  All the very best with it, and congratulations on a terrific book.

Jo W
United States

This book is a feast for the eyes (the photography is simply amazing!), as well as a promised feast for the mouth. The recipes are clear and helpful, and everything looks delectable. I love the insights into Greek culture. This book is a treasure among cookbooks.

Eric R
United States

This book is a piece of art in many ways. The story it tales, the beautiful pictures and the exquisites plates it guards inside, just makes it like a precious jewel to keep as a part of you own story. It's like having a window to Greece through the time that you can literally taste.


Undoubtedly the best genuine traditional Hellenic recipes cookbook jam packed with healthy dishes. A must have in everyone's collection. A beautiful recollection of Ruth's Greek family life and traditions that millions of Greeks worldwide can relate to. The recipes are clear to understand and precise, there are no "missing" ingredients or hidden secrets. The illustrations are superb and the book is excellent quality. Finally a book I can call my reference. Totally recommend!!!

J Williams
United States

I love everything about this cookbook, the story, the pictures and the recipes of coarse. I've made several recipes from this book and absolutely love it!! The directions are easy to follow the dishes come out delicious!! It's definitely my favorite cookbook and hope there will be another one coming out in the future!

Margaret W
Queensland, Australia

Hellenic Kanella book is so good I bought a copy each for my three daughter-in-laws as well as myself! As a non-Greek family, we find it very informative and enjoyable to read as well as finding the recipes easy to follow. Healthy recipes which are fun to make and vey 'yum' has been a nice way to start the New Year... Very worth the money to be able to follow this healthy Greek food lifestyle without going on fad diets.

Sav B
Melbourne, Australia

I was extremely excited to finally read the book, 'Hellenic Kanella'. No doubt it deserves far above its 5 stars. I was born and raised in Greece and therefore know what to expect and determine whether a book is authentic. The author has far exceeded my expectation. From its eye catching cover to the beautiful photographed pictures of Greece she has excelled in showcasing the country's charm. In addition, her descriptions of sharing her passion of Greek food (both through her memoirs and elegant photography) and sharing true authentic recipes, is an absolute winner. She has been able to capture what a Greek eats, and makes it seem effortless and enjoy. It is meticulously written adding both measurements in imperial and metric. Such a help when living in another country. This book will not remain on the coffee table but will be well used for generations to come.

Olga P
Gold Coast, Australia

These books are getting better and better. Another exceptional collection of fantastic recipes in a book that looks like a piece of art! I now have all three and not only do they look beautiful on my table as a collection but they have added so much additional life to my family meals ! It’s stunning and beautifully put together and brings Greece to your home. Will be passing these recipes on to my girls!

Anthea T
Dietition, Victoria, Australia

This book does not disappoint- I am a big fan of Ruth's first 2 cookbooks (Hellenic Kanella and Beyond The Greek Salad), but this one sets itself apart in that it includes vegetarian and meat-free dishes. Given that the Mediterranean diet is traditionally rich in legumes and fish, this book beautiful displays how Greek food is based around the garden and the sea. The book is easy-to-follow to produce nourishing and healthy dishes for the whole family, even having homemade filo pastry recipes and also tasty Greek sweets. This book is a most buy for anyone looking at increasing the variety of dishes in their week and get traditional Greek food in! There is something in this book for everyone!

Dr. Parker
United States

My sister is a gourmet chef and I bought this book to give her for Christmas. She absolutely loved it. The book itself is a work of art. All of the beautiful photography of Greece is breathtaking, and the pictures of the food will make you drool! The recipes are clear and easy to follow. What's most interesting and unique about the book is that it is a family history as well. What a tribute to family and wonderful family cooking traditions. The book is beautiful enough to be a coffee table art book, but from time to time you'll also need to bring it to the kitchen and make some delicious greek dishes! I highly recommend this volume!

Josie B

We loved the design of the book - all the pictures, a little bit of their greek family story and most importantly, obviously, the recipes.I already tried a few recipes and found them easy to understand and to follow. They are delicious!  I also found amazing how Ruth is helpful describing the most basic and important flavors and ingredients to keep in a "greek pantry". I didn't have most of the ingredients, but now I do - and I'm enjoying each one of them!  It is a book to keep not only inside the kitchen, but I would say in the living room as well, so guests can be inspired too!

Christy B
California, United States

This cookbook is beautifully presented with excellent technical information and loving personal touches. The photos of the country are lovely and the personal stories are a wonderful addition to create a love for the country of Greece and the delicious food it offers. The first recipe we tried was easily executed with the instructions the author offers. We tried the Cinnamon Chicken with Lemon Potatoes - fantastic! It had a wonderful spice and a nice lemon citrus and salt bite to it. We also tried the Skordalia Potato Dip. As a potato fan, I highly recommend this delicious comfort food. I couldn't get enough! It could also be a tasty alternative to humus.All the love, care, and personal touches the author poured into this cookbook, brings an added level of enjoyment of these Greek flavors.

Amazon Review

I love this book! From the stunning pictures of Greece to the scrumptious recipes! I love how the author provided background information about her and her family and how they influenced her in her cooking! I also love that the author provides additional information on commonly used ingredients she uses in this book so that all with a non Greek background get to know and understand how to cook with these.I've already made the Dolmadakia and the 'Olive oil fried potatoes with egg and feta cheese and both turned out fantastic! Seriously! I'm not the most natural cook... However, I followed these recipes to the tee and they turned out sooo good! I cant wait to cook some more of her recipes! I highly recommend this book!

Chris S
Tasmania, Australia

The three recipe books are always at my bedside. I like to look through the photos, re read the stories and think about what I am going to cook in the following days. Your photos and stories are also an inspiration for travels to Greece. The Greek Tourism Office should be paying you. I love the introduction of you going back to your mother’s birth place. I am just so envious of your Greek heritage and it’s wonderful that you appreciate and cherish it so much.

Eric J
United Sates

I too have looked forward to this book with great anticipation. Being acquainted with the author and her husband, I know just a bit about their zest for life and commitment to their goals. When I opened the book my eyes were met with lovely artwork and heartfelt narrative that let me know this was no mere collection of recipes. This is a glimpse into a wonderful culture through the author's culinary ability. Did I mention I have tasted some of the delights from her kitchen? Her recipes are authentic, savory, and anything but boring. My best wishes go out to this wonderful lady and her husband whose pallet is always dancing! I certainly understand why!

United States

Such a delightful book! Sweetly and persuasively the author shares her love of Greek food and cooking while weaving in her family’s heritage, traditions, and best of all, recipes! It would be hard to choose one favorite, but among them are roasted lamb with lemon potatoes; orange and fennel sausages; potatoes fried with olive oil and egg; and the desserts…don’t get me started! Who knew baklava was so easy to make?!

James P
Melbourne, Australia

This is no ordinary cook book.It bring a new dimension to food.As stated by Ruth,”food is not just about sustenance, but rather a time for people to gather together around the table to share a pot of food made with love.Well done Ruth.

Brisbane, Australia

In Hellenic Kanella, Ruth has allowed us to experience her journey with Greek food and the people that influenced her cooking. Amongst her amazing story are wonderful recipes that we can now enjoy, allowing us to partake in this journey with her. Thank you Ruth!

Marina R
Sydney, Australia

Love this cookbook! Great recipes, heartwarming family history...A Must-Have for Greece Lovers.

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